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Repair bill for cross damage will be £10k

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By Marc McLean, local democracy reporter
Dumfries and West
Repair bill for cross damage will be £10k

A VILLAGE landmark steeped in history was badly damaged after being hit by a lorry.

Residents were left shocked when Moniaive Cross was in bits following the collision.

The incident occurred over two months ago but members of Glencairn Community Council have this week received a quote for repairs – for almost £10,000.

Sue Grant, secretary of Glencairn Community Council, said: “A wood lorry hit and damaged the cross in August. Three capstones were dislodged and ended up on the road, and a further one was badly damaged.

“The side of the base was also marked by the vehicle.”

The police, Dumfries and Galloway Council, Mid and Upper Nithsdale Councillor Tony Berretti, and the company which owns the lorry have all been working together to resolve the situation.

Mrs Grant said: “The community council would like to thank Councillor Berretti for following this matter up on our behalf. We also pass on our thanks to those who cordoned off the site.

“We have just received a quote for repairs at £9300.”

This stone landmark was set up as the village’s Market Cross in 1638. The cross denotes Moniaive as a free burgh with the right to hold a weekly market.

A well-known story locally tells of how a little boy, son of a covenanting preacher, fled to the cross and slept on its base one night in 1666 when dragoons ransacked his home.

Local history documents state that “social deviants were chained to the cross by an iron collar” (which is preserved in the village Memorial Institute). This traditional punishment was the Scottish equivalent of the stocks. After the common land was enclosed in the 18th century, the cross became an olden days job centre where formerly self-sufficient farmers stood waiting to be hired as labourers.

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