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Drug risk flagged up

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By Fiona Reid
Drug risk flagged up

AN alert has been issued about a drug thought to be especially harmful that is thought to be circulating in the area.

Testing has found that some substances sold as ‘Martin Dow Diazepam’ contain both bromazolam and metonitazene, which when mixed can cause an increased risk of harm.

Public Health Scotland say bromazolam is very potent and produces strong sedative and sleep-inducing effects. A few ‘grains’ of powder can be enough to cause overdose and therefore it presents a substantial risk.

Meanwhile, nitazenes are a type of synthetic opioid drug. They can be at least as strong as fentanyl and can be hundreds of times more potent than heroin. They are known to have led to accidental overdoses and deaths of people in several areas across the UK.

Public Health Scotland said: “Whilst not confirmed, there have been some reports of people using tablets that are called Martin Dow Diazepam (which have been found to contain bromazolam and metonitazene) in the Stranraer area.

“These substances are believed to contain a mixture of drugs and pose an increased risk of harm.”

Local service providers and organisations who are in contact with people who use drugs have been informed of the situation.

Harm reduction information is also being circulated, with the key message that the way drugs are used might need to change to avoid overdose.

Users are advised to not do drugs alone, try not to mix different drugs, and to keep an eye out for signs of overdose in friends.

In addition, everyone is advised to always carry Naloxone, which can be given/taken in the case of an overdose.

For more information, go to the Dumfries and Galloway Alcohol and Drug Partnership website at


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