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Sheep initiative needs you

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By Fiona Reid
Sheep initiative needs you

A PLETHORA of free educational opportunities and experiences for school pupils have been released with a focus on sheep and wool.

They are being made available by the Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) through their ‘The Journey of Food: Sheep and Wool’ project.

And they focus on the important role sheep, lamb, and the uses of wool play in the economy, communities, and creative Scotland.

The highlight of the calendar will be RHET’s popular week-long, online Talk to Farmer event, taking place in March 2024 where over 5000 children are expected to join live and have a chance to chat with some wonderful volunteers about their work, their animals, and their passion for farming.

RHET is delighted to work closely with partners from the sheep industry on this exciting campaign to help bring the Scottish sheep sector to life for pupils all linked to their learning.

But they also need more people locally to get on board and have put a call out for both schools to sign up, members of the public to give donations and spread the world.

Volunteers are needed to speak with school children (and teachers) about sheep farming and/or wool.

Project lead Fran Matheson said: “The passion and dedication of Scottish farmers helps produce some of the best quality lamb in the world in accordance with the highest welfare standards that we are all extremely proud of.

“This campaign is an opportunity to teach children across Scotland about lamb and the role of sheep farming in our communities, the season-by-season work on sheep farms, education about the animals on farm, including its biodiversity, and the traditions handed down through the generations. We will also focus on how wool can be used sustainably in so many products with the hope of encouraging more of us to embrace this remarkable material. RHET has, with the help of some very passionate volunteers, created lots of wool crafting activities for school pupils to enjoy and learn in the classroom. We are very excited to be sharing this campaign with you all and hope you will help us.”

To find out more, or offer support, email [email protected].

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