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Reaction to Humza Yousaf’s resignation

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By Fiona Reid
Reaction to Humza Yousaf's resignation

POLITICIANS representing the region have been commenting on the resignation of Humza Yousaf as First Minister.

On Monday, he announced his intention to resign once a successor is appointed.

South Scotland Labour MSP Colin Smyth said: “I wish Humza Yousaf and his family well for the future and thank him for his public service.

“There can be no greater honour than to lead your country and in doing so Humza Yousaf made history as the first First Minister from an ethnic minority background. Regardless of your politics, that was a significant moment for Scotland.

“But Humza Yousaf’s resignation alone will not deliver the change Scotland needs. We need to get rid of this whole dysfunctional, chaotic and divided SNP government.

“After 17 years of the SNP, nearly one in six people in Scotland are on an NHS waiting list, too many of our children are being failed by our education system and our economy is flatlining , when we need it to grow.

“The people of Scotland deserve a fresh start and that can only happen with an election and a change of government- one that will rebuild our NHS and get our economy back on track.”

And he called for an election, adding: “It really is untenable for the SNP just to impose yet another unelected First Minister on Scotland.

“There should be an election that would mean the people of Scotland get to decide who our First Minister is, not just a small group of SNP members yet again.”

Conservative MP David Mundell and MSP Oliver Mundell, both Dumfriesshire constituency, released a joint-statement, saying: “There is little that Humza Yousaf and we would agree on, but leadership of any government takes its toll so on a personal level we wish him and his family well for the future.

“However, the real issue is not Humza Yousaf but the SNP’s obsession with pursuing independence and unpopular policies like the Hate Crime Bill at the expense of the issues that are really important to people here in Dumfriesshire and across Scotland.

“To end that obsession with independence and with issues which are not relevant to ordinary voters, we need to see the SNP removed from power entirely.”

Carol Mochan, Labour MSP for South Scotland, said: “I wish Humza Yousaf all the best and hope he can spend some time with his family in the weeks and months ahead, however I think it is clear a change at the top will be welcomed by many across South Scotland.

“The country has been thrown into unnecessary political chaos over recent weeks and it has knocked confidence in the future of public services and business. Soon enough Scotland will have its third First Minister since the last Holyrood election in 2021, the same number as there has been Prime Ministers since the last general election in 2019. The SNP can no longer claim to be a party of stability.

“Mr Yousaf’s successor has a difficult job to do, The Scottish Government must carry the confidence of the people of Scotland that it will tackle the big issues of the day without falling into the trap of governing for the few rather than the many.

“Whatever happens, it is clear regions like our own are simply being ignored whilst political infighting takes over in Edinburgh.”



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