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Summer of song ahead for music man

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By Christie Breen
Summer of song ahead for music man

BEATTOCK based rocker Elias T Hoth is gearing up for a busy summer of gigs and festivals.

And ahead of his band’s hectic schedule, Elias T Hoth, real name Dean Meadows, has been reflecting on his career as he approaches his 21st anniversary.

Originally from Leigh in the north west of England, Dean began writing songs in 1999. His stage name Elias T Hoth is an amalgamation of Hebrew, Greek and Norse intended to mean ‘rock monster of darkness’.

But as an artist he describes himself as a ‘prolific writer’, he said: “I have been writing my own material for 25 years.

“I created my first album five years after I started writing, and when I had sufficient songs I created my first album ‘Let Sleeping Demons Lie’ which was a rock album.”

Since his first album Dean has gone on to record over ten other records across several genres, including rock, blues, as well as ballads. When asked about where the inspiration for his songwriting comes from, he said: “I draw a lot of inspiration from life experiences as well as the human condition.

“My wife was the catalyst for everything. Unfortunately she became quite badly disabled after suffering from Guillain-Barré syndrome – and that was when I started writing.

“And then in 2005 she was diagnosed with cancer, which triggered me into making the first album, because I had the songs and I thought I’d eventually do something with them but quickly realised that life is too short.”

Dean has continued to make a name for himself and still writes songs and plays gigs as often as he can – and this summer will be no different.

He added: “We’ve got a good number of gigs lined-up, including one at the Loreburn Hall in Dumfries on May 4 and one in Moffat on May 24.

“A bit later on we’ve got a gig a the Brickyard in Carlisle and also the Music at the Multiverse festival on August 31.

“The highlight of year for us will be Music at Multiverse, hopefully the weather’s good and there’s a decent sized crowd, so I am very much looking forward to the summer.”