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Mystery of the missing cats

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By Fiona Reid
Mystery of the missing cats

CAT owners in Lockerbie are concerned something sinister is afoot after a spate of missing pets in and around the town.

Social media has been flooded recently with reports of missing moggies in mid Annandale.

And now some are starting to wonder if it’s just a coincidence.

Cats have gone missing from different parts of the town, as well as Johnstonbridge and Kettleholm.

Gary Lewis is one of the affected owners. He told the Annandale Herald yesterday: “It has come to my attention and to the people of Lockerbie that there has been a high amount of missing cats in the last week or so around Lockerbie, including my own.

“I’ve have had my cat Colby for 12 years and have never known him not to come home etc and it’s a very similar story to many Lockerbie cat owners.

“Now we are all being very vigilant.”

Colby has been missing for over a week now and Gary is offering a £300 reward to get him back.

The issue is being flagged by Cats Protection and on the Lend A Hand Lockerbie page, Lynda Robertson posted a warning: “Please be vigilant. A lot of cats have gone missing in Lockerbie and surrounding areas in the past three weeks. None have been found up to now.

“Surely this is not just coincidence?”

However, there were some happy endings with a few cat owners recounting stories of how their pets returned home after months gone.

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