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London’s still calling for injured Jim

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CAFE owner Jim Main was devastated when he picked up a running injury, thwarting his London Marathon plans.

However, the owner of Just Be in Lockerbie was not prepared to simply pull out of this weekend’s iconic race and forego the fundraising opportunity for his two chosen charities, Make-A-Wish Foundation and Dumfries and Galloway Blood Bikes.

So, with his doctor’s permission he is swapping his running shoes for a bike.

And he set off from Annandale yesterday to bike to London and fundraise cash through a charity cycle instead.

Speaking before he headed off to the capital, he said: “I’m not giving up and have changed my plans from running to cycling, which won’t affect the bruised femur, and plan to cover the 404 miles from my house to the London ExCel Centre over four days from Wednesday April 24 to Saturday April 28.

“I’ll then cheer the other runners on from the Make a Wish Foundation cheering point.”

Jim will be supported by charity cyclist veteran Colin Dorrance, who organised the overseas Cycle to Syracuse last year, and his wife Caroline.

Discussing his passion for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, 55-year-old Jim said: “In the past three years I have seen firsthand the incredible good that they do by bringing truly magical moments to young lives and the memories it makes for them and their families.

“Turning the seemingly impossible into possible and then reality, moments that money on its own simply can’t buy.

“The thought that money I raise could help to make even one of these moments happen is my inspiration to go and put in those miles.”

And his local charity pick is in honour of a friend who passed away recently, Annan businessman Alister Lynn.

Jim said: “One of my inspirations for doing this is in memory of Alister Lynn, whom I was honoured to call a friend.”

He added: “Dumfries and Galloway Blood Bikes are our region’s unsung heroes who go out on their own motorbikes, in all weathers, at any time of day or night, with the simple purpose of providing life-saving blood supplies wherever they are needed.

“Over the past 18 months or so I know how they have played a massive but largely invisible part in the lives of two close friends suffering from leukaemia, one of whom is thankfully recovered and here to tell the tale and sadly one who is not.

“It will be a privilege to be able to hand over funds to these guys, safe in the knowledge that every penny will be put to good use.”

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