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Second time lucky for road repairs

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By Christie Breen
Second time lucky for road repairs

A LOCKERBIE resident says ‘there’s no excuse’ after council workers botched a road inspection following repeated reports of potholes.

Brian Reid reported nearly a dozen potholes near his home in Broomhouse Road to the council back in March.

After not seeing any improvement nor repairs, he then contacted officials to see if anyone would actually be coming out to fix the area.

But last Friday he received an email from the council stating that an inspection had been carried out at nearby Queensberry View and not Broomhouse Road at all.

Brian said: “I reported between 10 and 15 potholes on my street. I’m most worried about the corner of the street as you turn in because it’s a sharp corner and there’s a deep hole right across it, it’s unavoidable, I’m surprised a car hasn’t been damaged.”

“When I got the report back on Friday I was confused because the report stated workers inspected Queensberry View.

“It seems to me that they’ve driven past, not checking where they’re going, but anyone who knows the area will know that you can see the potholes as you go past. There’s no excuse for it.”

Brian’s emails confirm that he specified the potholes’ location as Broomhouse Road, and re-reported the craters in the hope that road workers would find the correct road the second time round.

Yesterday he breathed a sense of relief when a roads team finally appeared and began patching the holes.

He said: “It is a relief that now they’ve come up and started to fix, but it still took too long, and they’re only patching the holes so we’ll see how long they last.

“If they’d come to the right place first time round it would’ve been sorted.

“It’s so frustrating. I don’t see how they could make that mistake because it’s two completely different streets and there have been quite a few people complaining about these potholes, myself and my neighbours included.

“I just want to see the road fixed before any damage is done or something worse happens.”

In response to Brian’s claims, a spokesperson for Dumfries and Galloway Council said: “We can confirm that Broomhouse Road and Queensberry View have both been inspected on 12 April arising from a customer reported defect.

“Seven localised areas on Broomhouse Road have been identified for repair and added to the forward maintenance register for repair within the next 2–5 days.”


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