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Council urged to speed up complaints response

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By Lisa Barbour
Annan and Eskdale

COMMUNITY councillors in Gretna have expressed dissatisfaction since a new reporting mechanism came into force.

Members of Gretna and Rigg Community Council say the time taken to acknowledge queries, such as those relating to potholes and street lighting, has grown considerably since Dumfries and Galloway Council introduced the Community Council Enquiry Service (CCES).
Vice-chairman Harry Barrett said: “Nothing has been done about the complaints I put in months and months ago.

“They are the same things cropping up time and time again and I think it’s ridiculous they are not getting done. When I used to report them myself I used to get them done.”
The CCES, which has been operating since last year, invites members to submit an enquiry directly to their local framework office by phone, email or in person.
Once the enquiry is logged on the system it is given a unique reference number and is then sent to the appropriate service for action.
But Mr Barrett argues the response times are too slow and joked that deep potholes in Loanwath Road are due a ‘birthday card’ as they have been posing a problem for so long.
Responding to the frustrations, Annandale East and Eskdale councillor Karen Carruthers said: “It might be worth looking at the CCES and what’s going on there and if there’s a problem with the system.
“It would also be interesting to see how quickly these issues are fixed if they are not reported through CCES as things reported through this system do not seem to be getting done.”


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