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Zoe’s snappy way to communicate better

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A MUM of two from the region has created a new card game to help couples reconnect and communicate more during lockdown.

Zoe Lloyd, from Castle Douglas, came up with the idea for The Snapping Strategy, based on Snap, and hopes it will help partners struggling during the current stressful period. It features questions for couples to ask each other with topics including ‘Talk about how you have changed in response to a significant life experience’; ‘share a good memory with your partner’; ‘name one thing that would make your life more wonderful’; and ‘are you happy with the arrangement for household chores?’.

And the rules include an instruction to kiss on starting and pledge to not offer your own opinion, justification or analysis unless requested while your partner is answering.

Zoe, who has a PhD in active research, decided to create the game after the birth of her second son and following talking to other mothers about strained relationships. She said: “I made a set for us, then for friends. The feedback was good. It’s so simple but has quite a big impact.

“It’s about listening and expressing yourself. You can also play it for fun too.”

It aims to be an empowering approach towards a happier, more loving partnership without having to resort to expensive therapy. Zoe added: “It’s amazing how many people have problems communicating with their partner.

“I believe relationship help could be made more accessible. The best person to talk to when you are having difficulties is your partner. Communication that leads to understanding and empathy can make for more respectful, happier people.”

The cards have been selling well through Etsy and have their own Facebook page and have garnered positive feedback, but she is keen for more couples to try it out and hopes research will be conducted on it to see how effective it can be. Her next step is to develop a similar game for children to help them talk to adults. It is in the early stages of development with help from sons Benjamin, 7, and Xander, 3.

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