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Whole town masterplan idea welcomed

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By Christie Breen
Dumfries and West
Whole town masterplan idea welcomed

REGENERATION groups in Dumfries have welcomed calls for a ‘masterplan’ for the town.

Earlier this month members of the council’s economy and resources Committee noted the receipt of the Crichton Trust’s controversial £45 million plan to develop the Ladyfield site.

However, instead of progressing those plans, councillors opted to instead explore a Dumfries ‘masterplan’ that will examine and tackle housing issues and overall demand for housing in the town, including at Ladyfield.

Following the meeting, the Crichton Trust released a statement, which said: “We welcome the decision to explore the development of a masterplan for Dumfries as a whole and at a future date consider the appropriateness of the Ladyfield site within that wider context. The vitality of Dumfries Town Centre in particular is vital to the future of The Crichton Quarter and we believe a thriving Dumfries Town Centre is supported by growth in those studying, visiting, living and working here.

“The Crichton Trust continues to be vested in the best possible outcome for the Ladyfield site, given its proximity to The Crichton. We will reflect on the decision today along with all that has been said, the process to date, the expressions of support and reasons for opposition to development and consider how best to move forward with, and for, all involved.”

Dumfries Partnership Action Group (DPAG) have also come out in support of a town-wide masterplan and chairman Rodrick Cowan said: “The DPAG board has been trying to establish what effect the Ladyfield plan would have on further degrading the town centre. We have heard plenty of negative comments but wanted to hear any positive effect the development might have.

“To date, the responses we have had make no such case. While we have no formal position as yet, we can only conclude that the Ladyfield development is not beneficial to the town centre.

“DPAG welcomes any constructive discussion that will help revitalise Dumfries town centre and will be seeking further details of any proposed housing-related masterplan that the council might bring forward.”


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