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Tracey adds woman’s touch to role of Provost

DnG MEDIA chief reporter AMANDA KENNEDY this week caught up with the Provost of Dumfries and Nithsdale Tracey Little to talk about all things Dumfries and what it means to her to be the second ever female to hold the historic role.

Leisure centre £50m bill claim

THE FINAL bill for DG One in Dumfries could reach £46 million — fuelling calls to axe the project and bulldoze the site.

Public will never agree on Whitesands project, say officials

CONSENSUS from the public on the controversial £25 million Whitesands project is ‘unlikely’ say council officials.

Football chairman lands £3000 fine

A £3000 fine has been imposed on Annan Athletic chairman Henry McClelland — after he placed 4011 bets over the course of six years.

Suspension calls after parties make pact

A FORMER council leader has called on Scottish Labour to suspend its local councillors over an administration pact with the SNP.

Public enquiry to consider Whitesands flood scheme

A £25 MILLION Whitesands scheme which Labour now concede likely lost them votes is heading to a public enquiry.

Elaine is new leader

FORMER MSP Elaine Murray has today been named as the new leader of Dumfries and Galloway Council.

ELECTION: Law graduate to fly DCT flag for SNP

FLYING the flag for the Scottish National Party (SNP) in the Dumfriesshire Clydesdale and Tweeddale (DCT) general election campaign will be Upper Nithsdale-based Mairi McAllan.

National road show will stop in Lockerbie

AN editor and blogger will host a pro Scottish Independence event later this month in Lockerbie.

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