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Football chairman lands £3000 fine

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By Fiona Reid
Football chairman lands £3000 fine

A £3000 fine has been imposed on Annan Athletic chairman Henry McClelland — after he placed 4011 bets over the course of six years.

However, only £1000 of the fine to the Scottish Football Association (SFA) must be paid immediately.
The remainder is suspended on condition he is not caught breaching the rules again before the end of the next football season.
Mr McClelland was hit with the complaints from the SFA last month — just four days after being elected SNP councillor for Annandale South in the local elections.
At an SFA hearing yesterday, Mr McClelland admitted repeatedly breaching the organisation’s rules specifically prohibiting betting between July 1 2011 and May 1 2017.
Imposing the sanction, the SFA say £1000 is payable within 30 days of the hearing date.
But £2000 is suspended ‘until the end of season 2017/2018 and to take effect only in the event that Henry McClelland is found in breach of Disciplinary Rule 31, or any other Disciplinary Rule of the Scottish FA relating to gambling upon football, at any time during that time period’.


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