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South Africa calling for teen Tamara

Section:  Lockerbie and Lochmaben

A HIGHTAE teen is looking to raise £6000 to fund her South African volunteer dream.

Tamara Broon, 17, has been selected by ProjectTrust to take part in a 12 month long volunteering project.

She is yet to nd out her nal destination but will jet off to South Africa in August, where she will teach English and as- sist at a local orphanage.

Discussing what attracted her to volunteering, she said: “I feel as though volunteer- ing is important, not just for others but for yourself as well.

“That feeling of being able to help someone and see someone grow from the rst time you see them until the time you leave really makes you feel good about, not only the impact you can have on others but, the impact that it has on you as an individual.

“I feel as though everyone has to experience at least something like this once in their life because it does really put into perspective what a little thing or even a big thing like this can really do and how it can change someone else’s life just as much as it can change your own.”

But before her journey can start, the Lockerbie Academy pupil needs to raise £6000 to help cover ights, insurance and living expenses.

Tamara said: “It is quite a big amount but I do feel as though it is reachable, especially with all the support I have been getting.”

So far the teen has raised cash from bake sales, raf es and selling wristbands, but her most ambitious fundraiser to date takes place next Saturday, April 21, in the form of a 70s and 80s disco at the Masonic Hall in Lockerbie.

Meanwhile she also plans to raise funds by taking part in Tough Mudder, an obstacle course, a family sky dive, sponsored walk and much more.

Looking to the future, Tamara thinks her year as a volunteer will help shape the rest of her life and help her settle on a career path, she said: “I feel this year could change my outlook. I hope to go to university or maybe travel a bit more and I would like to go around local schools telling them about what an amazing opportunity volunteering is.”

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