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Picking the right flowers

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A CODE of conduct has been launched to let the public know which wildflowers are ok to pick.

Plantlife has put together a list of 12 blooms that are abundant in the UK and can be picked with a clear conscience, as well as advice on picking. They are: daisy, dandelion, primrose, common dog-violet, Greater stitchwort, Cow parsley, Meadow buttercup, Red campion, Oxeye daisy, Yarrow, Common knapweed and Meadowsweet.

The list and the new code have been revealed ahead of the Great British Wildflower Hunt 2018, launched this week by Plantlife. The charity’s vice president Rachel de Thame said: “There is a prevalent sense that picking flowers is a bad thing. Many of us are unsure what’s OK and what’s not and so err on the safe side. Plantlife’s new code of conduct shows us that wild flowers don’t have to be out of bounds – and out of our lives.

“We are very used to picking some species (daisies, dandelions and wild garlic) but there are other wild flowers that are commonplace and even increasing in number.”

Her eight things to remember when picking flowers include not trespassing; only picking from large patches; picking just one flower out of every 20 you find; not trampling other flowers; and if in doubt, don’t pick it.

The Great British Wildflower Hunt runs right through the spring and summer. There are 68 species in this year’s hunt and more information can be found online at

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