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New horoscope sign rebuffed

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By Fiona Reid
New horoscope sign rebuffed

DNG astrologer Cameron Murray has this week dismissed claims of a 13th zodiac sign.

It was claimed last week that a new star sign called Ophiuchus had been discovered, changing the zodiac dates entirely.

However, Cameron, who writes the weekly forecast in our papers, says the rumours are false.

He said: “Rumours of a new horoscope sign? No and that is written in the stars.

“Last week Ophiuchus the Snake Bearer was apparently lauded by NASA as the sign for people born between November 29 and December 27.

“But Sagittarians, there is no need to worry, NASA has since quashed the suggestion.”

Cameron also explained the origin of the zodiac we used today: “The ancient Babylonians were the first to develop the Zodiac and their interpretation also included a crossover with alchemy, meteorology and medicine. That development 3000 years ago was set at the 12 signs we know today.

“They knew all about Ophiuchus, however the creation of horoscopes has been developed over thousands of years by our ancestors with careful consideration of all the constellations and correlation with important events in their lives.”

He added: “Putting 3000 years ago in context, we realise Stonehenge was being built, alphabets in the Middle East and China were developed and the Rigveda, the 10,000 verse Hindu sacred text, was written. That is the history and mystery of the Zodiac.”

Cameron Murray
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