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Langholm’s big day – with video

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THOUSANDS of people are in Langholm today for one of the oldest celebrations in Dumfriesshire.

The town is hosting its annual Common Riding Day in colours of blue and white, with skies to match.

And the sunshine and sweltering temperatures have brought out the crowds – from home and away.

It all kicked off at 5am with the flute band parading the town to gather up folks for the walk to Hillhead, followed by the hounds.

But numbers really started to swell just after 8am as residents and visitors gathered in the High Street to see Cornet Iain Little receive the standard and lead his cavalcade of approximately 140 horses around the town’s boundaries. The parade included principals from other towns in Annandale and Eskdale, including Moffat, Annan and Lockerbie.

Excitement reached fever pitch just after 9am when Cornet Little raced up the steep Kirk Wynd, cheered on by the delighted onlookers, and followed by the rest of the riders. By the time they returned back to the town centre over an hour later, one horse was riderless, its occupant having come off at the top.

Meanwhile, Langholm’s pipe band and town band were parading the streets, along with the thistle and crown.

The afternoon’s attention switches to the field, where there is chases, highland dancing, wrestling and games.

And it will all culminate tonight back in the High Street at 9 pm when the Cornet will return the standard to the officials for another year.

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