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Hong Kong viewers will be transported to Gretna Green

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By Fiona Reid
Hong Kong viewers will be transported to Gretna Green

GRETNA Green has a starring role in a new Hong Kong TV series.

It features in “Love and Spirits in Scotland”, set to be broadcast on the country’s popular J2 TVB channel in 2024.

The collaboration saw the border wedding town take centre stage as the film set.

The TV series aims to showcase the rich history and unique wedding culture that define Gretna Green as a premier global wedding destination.

It was an obvious choice for the film crew as the popularity of overseas weddings among Hong Kong couples has made Gretna Green an essential destination for many brides and grooms.

And the series will highlight the charm and allure that have made Gretna Green a cherished location for couples around the world.

Executive chairman John Holliday said: “Gretna Green has long been synonymous with love and romance. We’re delighted to work with J2 TVB to showcase our unique destination to audiences in Hong Kong,”

Meanwhile, a new elopement marriage room is to open at the Gretna Green Experience.

The intimate space will launch in November and will be able to hold up to 20 guests, providing a cosy atmosphere for couples and their closest loved ones.

The Gretna Green team are looking forward to welcoming newlyweds from all around the world to create their own unique wedding story.

John Holliday added: “Gretna Green has always been a place of love and celebration. With our new Elopement Marriage Room, we’re taking that tradition to new heights, creating an even more special experience for couples.”


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