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Castleholm transfer talks

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Annan and Eskdale
Castleholm transfer talks

DISCUSSIONS are taking place which could see the Castleholm in Langholm transferred into community ownership as soon as this summer.

Buccleuch and Castleholm Community Trust (CCT) yesterday announced they are considering the idea.

And a series of community engagement events are to be rolled out to gauge local support for such a move, starting today.

The estate say they are keen to support a transfer and are aware of the importance of the area for local residents, with it being used for cricket, flapping and by the Common Riding and Langholm Show.

As such, Buccleuch have asked that current users have continued access for their events and sporting activities and stress the transferred area must only be used for activities with a direct link to and for the benefit of the local community.

Meanwhile, trust members have outlined their ambitions to own and operate Castleholm for community use, and say it will offer the opportunity for new and exciting activities and events in the future.

Ed Morris, estate director of Buccleuch’s Borders Estate, said: “Castleholm is integral to the Langholm way of life and Buccleuch and its colleagues are very much part of the local community. We hope that, if the Castleholm Community Trust are successful in their community engagement, it will continue to be a focus for all the events we know and love and enable the community to realise its ambitions and develop new and exciting opportunities.

“Over the years, Buccleuch have successfully worked with local communities to secure the transfer of land to community ownership, always on a willing buyer-willing seller basis, and we value the work undertaken through constructive engagement.”

Roger Maxwell, chair of The Castleholm Community Trust, added: “The Castleholm is very dear to the people of Langholm and home to several sport and recreational clubs in the town as well as Langholm’s annual Common Riding.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure a special piece of land and we are very grateful to Duke Richard and his family for their generosity.

“Ownership will come with responsibilities, but I believe the opportunities outweigh them and we hope that the people of Langholm will give their full support when our consultation process gets underway.”


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