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Early medieval find on the moors

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By Fiona Reid
Early medieval find on the moors

A BOMB disposal unit came across early medieval artefacts on the moors west of Beattock in 1985.

Known as the Stidriggs Hoard, it is now in the care of Dumfries Museum and can be viewed on the Future Museum website.

Thought to date from the middle of the 10th century, the find includes iron tools and scrap metal that were buried in a lead vessel.

Historians says only five other similar finds have been made in Great Britain and this is the only known Scottish example.

A statement on the website says: “We have few clues as to the purpose and meaning of these hoards because few have been found by planned archaeological excavation, and as a result detailed recordings of their surroundings have not been possible. Most hoards were chance finds made in the 19th century, while others were discovered by metal detecting or during gravel extraction.”

The Stidriggs collection includes fragments of a hammer, axe, staples, plough and spoonbits.

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19th Oct

Second biggest SOSE investment announced

By Fiona Reid | DNG24

Second biggest SOSE investment announced

A SUPPORT package of £1.9m has been announced by the South of Scotland Enterprise (SOSE).

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