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125 space car park plan for station

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PLANS for a £1.6 million, 125 space car park for Lockerbie Station are gathering pace, it emerged this week.

A report went before transport group SWESTRANs on Tuesday detailing a proposal which would see a car park created at land next to the south side platform, currently the location of a house.

Labelled phase three, the report also mooted the possibility of a bridge being created from the new car park to the south side platform in the future.

Meanwhile, the SWESTRANs board have decided to pause the phase two works, which involve reconfiguring the existing car park, to allow for a community consultation.

Board members heard how this project could lead to a complete closure of the car park, which was also a reason for the postponement until additional spaces and temporary parking could be identified.

MSP Colin Smyth launched a campaign earlier this year to see improvements to Lockerbie Train Station, including an increase in parking.

He also last week renewed his call for Transport Scotland, Network Rail and privatised rail companies to assist in meeting the cost of more car parking.

And yesterday Mr Smyth said: “I welcome the decision by the SWESTRANs Board to progress more parking at Lockerbie Railway Station.

“While it has been encouraging to see a big increase in rail usage from the station, the infrastructure has struggled to cope.

“The decision taken will make a huge difference and once new parking is in place, it will be greatly appreciated by Lockerbie residents.”

He added: “The cost associated with the plans may seem high, but this level of investment would show how important Lockerbie Railway Station is to the town and the whole region as well as recognising the lack of parking on Lockerbie High Street and surrounding areas.”

Annandale North councillor and SWESTRANs board member Adam Wilson added: “This decision will be welcomed by Lockerbie residents who have been waiting on this news for some time. I am pleased my proposals for the way forward were agreed by the board which will see community involvement in the decision over the reconfiguration of the current parking provision.

“The decision will also ensure that Lockerbie residents are not faced with a closure of the current car park that could have lasted months without adequate alternative space.”

So far a date for the completion of phase 3 works is yet to be given.


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