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10 things I love about Pugs

By Fiona Reid

WHEN I was eight I watched a film that changed my life, it was Men in Black II.

It wasn’t Will Smith that caught my eye (I’d already grown up watching the Fresh Prince on BBC2 anyway) and I didn’t begin to harbour dreams of joining MIB and protecting the Earth from the burden of extraterrestrial awareness, for me it was all about Frank.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with the MIB franchise, Frank is the squishy faced, fawn coloured agent with four legs. Frank is a Pug.

Something about this stocky dog with the smooshed face, heavy breathing and curly tail tugged on my heart strings in a big way.

Every birthday since I asked for a Pug of my own and every year my wish went unfulfilled – if you read this dad I hope you feel an immense feeling of guilt wash over you.

Then when I was 18 I made my own dream come true – cue Woody (my Pug).

woody 6
WOODY . . . named after Woody Harrelson

At last, a Pug of my own and together I thought we’d conquer the world.In reality we spend most of our time together napping, eating and going on long walks (then getting tired out and ending up calling someone for a lift home) but I truly have met the dog of my dreams, so here’s 10 reasons to buy a Pug…

1. Pugs on the whole are quite thickset dogs, so in comparison they will make you look thin. Result.

wood 3
CURVES . . . Woody’s fat keeps him warm in the winter

2. Going on holiday? No problem. Friends and family will practically fight over who gets to look after your Pug when you’re away, meaning no kennel fees and you know they’ll get plenty of TLC.

3. Pugs are rumoured to spend roughly 18 hours a day sleeping so they will never judge you when you have a Sunday afternoon snooze, they will join you instead.

woody 7
NAP TIME . . . keep your friends close but your toys closer

4. Have you ever loved and lost somebody? Well that will never happen with a Pug. Pugs are like shadows, they follow you around all day. They are always one step right behind you but they breathe so heavily you’ll never accidentally stand on them.

5. Pugs are very popular in mainstream culture at the moment, meaning you name it, their face is on it. This leads to lots of people spontaneously giving you gifts with your dog’s face on for no reason other than it reminded them of you and said furry companion.woody 8
PILLOW TALK . . . Woody enjoys short walks along the beach and long naps in bed

6. Pugs like to hug. They are lap dogs and love nothing more than cuddling up. They also don’t shed too much either, so dog hair on clothes is at a minimum.

7. Pugs look coarse but feel soft. Ever seen a really comfy looking couch and just threw yourself at it only to discover it was as uncomfortable as tooth removal? Stroking a Pug is the exact opposite of that!
woody 10
HIGH MAINTENANCE . . . Woody likes apricot dog shampoo

8. They don’t drool. Due to the shape of their faces and their lack of protruding muzzle they just don’t.

9. Pugs and Halloween are a match made in heaven. It’s way too hard to dress a Labrador in a dinosaur costumes but a Pug is easy to dress. Their stumpy legs mean they can’t run away either (only joking, they love it really and don’t want to run away, they want to win Best Dressed Dog and get lots of likes on Instagram).
POKEMON . . . Pugachu I choose you

10. They’re part of the family. Pugs are just 10 pounds of love in a squishy compact body.

In conclusion, Pugs are better than people.

woo and me

PUG PALS . . . me (Amanda Kennedy)  and little Woody Kennedy