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Blue is top decorating pick

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BLUES and purples are the most popular colours for home decorating in Britain.

But green tones are the least desirable, with ‘dark khaki’ declared the worst colour. That’s the findings of a new survey by Furniture Choice, which asked UK residents to rank a selection of 88 colours to find out what the nation’s favourite colour palette is.

And shades of blue came out on top with ‘Medium Turquoise’, ‘Dark Cyan’ and ‘Pale Turquoise’ all in the top five. Commenting, interior style advisor Rebecca Snowdon said: “Blue tones have a calming and soothing effect on people, which is why they are often used in bathrooms. Blues reflect nature’s colour palette; these three shades in particular look like they belong in the ocean.”

Conversely, the five most disliked colours were ‘Dark Khaki’, ‘Chartreuse’ lime green, ‘Saddle Leather’, ‘Summer Corn’ and ‘Faded Sand’. However, Rebecca insists both khaki and lime green shades make great choices for stylish interiors: “Green-toned browns, like ‘Dark Khaki’, are lovely shades for a bedroom if you’re looking to create a calming atmosphere. Plus, as it’s a neutral tone, you can play with bolder colours when accessorising; a burgundy throw and cushion set would work perfectly. Or, if you prefer a more neutral interior, why not match it with soft greys and beiges.

“And colours like Chartreuse work really well at bringing in a cheerful, pop of colour to a room. Use it sparingly, as accents rather than a primary colour; a lime green vase, or flashes of lime on a cushion, for instance.”

There was a difference between the sexes too with men deeming shades such as ‘Light Pink’ and ‘Peach Puff’ as less desirable, while women singled out ‘Olive Drab’ and ‘Dark Green’ as the least liked for many of them. Rebecca added: “When decorating your home, choose colours that you like, not what you think is in. You may want to pair and match your favourite colours with this season’s in colours to keep your interior current, but don’t completely disregard a colour you like because others don’t.”

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