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Youngsters shoot zombie sequel

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By Abbey Morton
Dumfries and West
Youngsters shoot zombie sequel

BLOOD-soaked and limping zombies staggered across countryside at Beeswing this week as part of a summer film-making club.

Scene1take1, run by Lee Vann-Wakelin, have been working on a sequel to 2012 zombie movie – Mutant Zombie Killer Clowns.
Protagonist Stuart Green has returned to the screen to play his surviving character from the first film.
But four years on from the first outbreak of zombie clowns, the world is once again ravaged by the undead.
The actors, producers, make up crew and camera crew are all comprised by a group of ten youth members who signed up for the week.
They have been learning every angle of film making that can be crammed into 20 hours during the four-day workshop.
Organiser Lee said: “So far this week the group have been scuffing and ripping and zombiefying clothing, learning zombie scars and make up.
“They have also been to most shops in town looking for old clothing, used food tins and so on for setting a scene for their film.”
The final film will be launched via the Scene1take1 Facebook page.

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