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Young veteran tackles coastline walk

A YOUNG veteran from Dumfries is currently walking the entire UK coastline to raise funds for an armed forces charity that saved his life.

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By Zac Hannay
Dumfries and West
Young veteran tackles coastline walk

Daniel McNeil, 26, set off on his three year long 16,000 mile journey from Sandyhills in March 2021 in aid of the SSAFA.

Daniel served in the 19th Regiment Royal Artillery in the British Army. And after falling on hard times and becoming addicted to drink and drugs, Daniel got in contact with SSAFA who helped him with his financial and mental struggles. A year later after turning his life around, Daniel lost his job during lockdown.

One day, after being inspired by a past coastal walker, Christian Nock, Daniel sold all his material items, gave up his home and started walking.

When he reached Dunoon, on the west coast of Scotland, he met 25-year-old girlfriend Charlotte from Yorkshire. An afternoon encounter led to spending four days together, then Charlotte joined Dan on three of the Scottish islands over the summer. Charlotte subsequently decided to leave her job and join Daniel on his epic trek and has decided to do it in support of Women’s Aid.

Speaking to the Dumfries Courier this week, Daniel said: “The walk so far has been absolutely incredible, winter is coming so we’re making small changes to our kit and preparing for what’s to come.

“Everyone in Fife has been amazing and have accommodated us well.

“A common theme that I seem to find everywhere I go is that people are incredibly kind and generous.”

Together, Daniel and Charlotte have completed Orkney, Shetland and are currently making their way down the east coast of Scotland. To follow their journey or to donate you can find them on Instagram @danwalksuk and @charlottes coastal adventure.

The links to donate are and

The pair hope to raise £100,000 collectively.


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