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Water worries for River Esk

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By Fiona Reid
Water worries for River Esk

A WARNING has been sounded about water levels in Dumfries and Galloway going into next week.

SEPA’s latest water scarcity report puts the whole region on a ‘moderate scarcity’ level, with concerns remaining particularly about the River Esk.

Officials are worried that by next week it could have ‘significant water scarcity’ issues.

Even the forecast rain this weekend won’t ease the situation.

A spokesperson said: “The anticipated average rainfall over the coming days is expected to do little to alleviate the current water scarcity situation and dry weather is expected to dominate into late June and early July.

“If there is no recovery in river levels there will be several areas seeing

‘Significant Water Scarcity’ in the coming weeks, starting with the Esk area of Dumfriesshire next week. If rivers remain at very low flows for more than 30 consecutive days there is a heightened risk of severe, long-lasting ecological impact.”

  • SEPA map above


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