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Wool depots

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By Fiona Reid
Wool depots

DETAILS of the British Wool drop off locations for Southern Scotland have been confirmed.

For the 2021 season wool deliveries will be accepted as normal at the current depot location in Irvine. But there are are also two new drop off locations for the coming season, including one in this region at T.F. Young & Son, Knocksheen, Dalry, DG7 3XR.

Wool deliveries are accepted up to October 31 and should be by appointment if possible.

A full list of British Wool drop off locations is available at www.britishwool.org.uk by searching the depot network. British Wool also announced recently that onward carriage fees for approved collection sites were being abolished and therefore, there will be no onward haulage charge by delivering into these new or existing sites.

CEO Andrew Hogley said: “The restructuring programme announced earlier in the year will have no negative impact on the service we offer producers and we have opened a number of new collection sites this season including in the Southern Scotland region.”

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