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Wonderful winter window is Jodie’s work

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By Fiona Reid
Wonderful winter window is Jodie’s work

BY DAY she’s a favourite at Lockerbie’s popular Cafe 91, but by night Jodie Mason is a window dressing extraordinaire.

The 21-year-old has worked her magic once again on Lockerbie High Street’s Elegance gift shop, creating a stunning Cinderella inspired display, which has caught the eye of many a passer-by.

And Jodie says her passion for wonderful window displays began when she was just 14 and a volunteer at the town’s Red Cross.

She said: “When I got a job at Elegance at 16 I started to make my own things for displays. I’ve done every major window since then for every gala and Christmas.

“I love designing things, like for my gala window I made a wire horse, then my favourite window was when I made all the reindeers from chicken wire and had them flying across both windows.”

Other notable creations throughout the years have

included a Snow Queen theme, a Standard Bearer complete with flag, and a regal Gala Queen.

And window dressing isn’t the only chance Jodie gets to flex her creative muscles, for the talented Lockerbie local has also dipped her toe into clothes design by creating her own range of ‘rave bras’ – bejeweled glitzy costume bras, perfect for festivals.

She said: “I’ve designed some rave bras for my friends for festivals and raves and they’ve loved them. They had everyone asking where they got them from.

“I would love to get into something to do with design, I’m just not quite sure what aspect yet.”

And plans for future window designs are kept so underwraps . . . even Jodie doesn’t know quite yet where her imagination will take her next.

She said: “I couldn’t honestly say what my plans are because I don’t know myself. The ideas just come to me in the heat of the moment.