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Winter warmth project seeks support

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By Ben Murray
Annan and Eskdale
Winter warmth project seeks support
IN KNIT TO WIN IT. . . (Left to right) Grace Little, Phyllis Kirkwood, Fay Anderson, Jennifer Routledge and Pam Mellor from Annan St. Andrews Parish Church with some of the completed blankets

ANNAN residents are doing their part to help with rising energy costs during the winter by knitting blankets.

Amidst the cost of living crisis and rising food bills, there are many living locally who will struggle to keep warm in the coming months and local groups are trying to reach out to them and offer some warmth and support.

Blankets of all shapes and sizes are being created, with some making squares to be woven into larger blankets and others creating entire blankets on their own.

Once completed, each blanket is passed over to places where they are most needed.

If you would like to aid the knitting cause in any way, from supplying materials, volunteering to knit or even donating money, you can find out more information from Annan St Andrew’s, Annan Old Parish, St Columba’s, and United Reform Church.

If you would like to donate, visit Annan’s Pop-Up Shop or Kate’s Kitchen, and donated items can be left with any of the above or Annan Day Centre.

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15th Jun

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