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Windfarm firm lines up another scheme

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Windfarm firm lines up another scheme

PUBLIC consultation has started on plans for another windfarm in Annandale and Eskdale.

RES have revealed a proposal for 22 turbines, each 230 metres high, next to their existing Solwaybank development, which comprises 15 windmills and is located between Waterbeck and Langholm.

They are calling the new scheme ‘The Solwaybank Extension Windfarm’ and together the neighbouring sites would include 37 turbines.

RES say the new site would generate 132 MW and be capable of providing renewable electricity to about 100,000 homes.

Initial feasibility studies have been undertaken to assess the location’s suitability and layout and the company will now progress detailed technical and environmental surveys over the next few months.

They say: “RES already has a good understanding of the site due to a wealth of data gathered over the years from previous survey work associated with the Solwaybank Windfarm proposal.

“Over the next few months RES will assess the findings from this new data, as part of the EIA process, which will be used to help develop the design in relation to environmental considerations.”

Meanwhile, three public exhibitions were held last week, in Langholm, Waterbeck and Claygate, and a dedicated website has been launched at

Comments from those events will go into the formal consultation, which runs until July 15 and views can also be submitted online.

In addition, the windfarm website aims to answer some frequently asked questions.

On access, they reveal that the turbine components are likely to arrive in Glasgow and be delivered south along the M74, A6071, A7 and then via an upgraded track to the C70A to the site.

The council and Transport Scotland, as well as the emergency services and local community, will all be consulted on the route and if consent is given then a detailed traffic management plan will be agreed with the roads authority and the police.

The firm say that they will aim to use materials available on site and source construction materials locally in order to help reduce traffic movements.

And they predict that the development ‘has the potential’ to deliver approximately £6 million in the form of jobs, employment, and the use of local services.


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