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Which ‘Friend’ are you?

By Fiona Reid
Which 'Friend' are you?

I'M Monica, who are you?

If you don’t know what I’m on about then you’re either too young or were living without a TV throughout the 90s.

For 20 years ago one of the biggest talking points in bar and homes across the land was which Friends character you most ressembled.
Was it funny guy Chandler; geeky Ross; cute but dumb Joey; quirky hippy Phoebe; bossy but maternal Monica; or spoiled girl next door Rachel?
The US TV show was one of the biggest hits of the decade and reruns are still reaching a new audience.
And there’s been great excitement this week with the announcement of a reunion documentary later this year.
So, how well do you remember Friends? Take our fun quiz and find out….

1. Who was the owner of the Central Perk coffee shop?
2. What was Chandler’s occupation?
3. Which instrument did Phoebe play?
4. Where did Ross work?
5. What did Ross and Rachel name their baby?
6. What sort of modelling was Joey desperate to get into?
7. Who were Jack and Judy?
8. What number is Monica’s apartment?
9. Whose middle name was Muriel?
10. Which British actress played Ross’ wife Emily?

Answers will be posted on Monday!


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