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What’s in a name?

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By Fiona Reid

My (and my boyfriend’s) good friends Jo and Nathan Potts welcomed a baby boy into the world this morning and gave him a truly amazing name - Jak Potts.

What girl in 20 years time won’t want to have hit the ‘Jak Potts’ and go out with someone with such a fabulous name? What company won’t want Jak Potts CEO printed on their business cards and which teacher could possibly not want him in their class?
As a reporter having a good name that really rolls off the tongue and sticks in your head is really important, and I just don’t feel Amanda Kennedy has enough of the wow factor.
A few of my friends have said differently and believe that my name has a professional reporter twang to it but I’m still to be convinced.
I grew up idolising reporters and broadcasters, both real and fictional, from Anchor Man’s Ron Burgundy to Trevor McDonald and Katie Couric and all their names seemed to stick.
Of course a name is not the only way to leave your mark.
After all what would Ron Burgundy be without his catchphrase ‘Stay classy San Diego’ and Bruce ‘Almighty’ Nolan’s ‘’That’s the way the cookie crumbles’, Saturday Night Live’s Dennis Miller had ‘That’s the news and I’m outta here’ and even Jerry Springer’s sign off ‘Take care of yourself, and each other’ is one to be remembered.
In a video (which I hope remains hidden forever) that saw me interview Santa, my Editor gave me my own sign off – ‘Until next time, this has been Amanda Kennedy’- if I ever manage to forge a career in broadcasting or become a female anchor, the next Veronica Corningstone (I won’t include her nickname, though my boyfriend does call me it) I might just get to use that catch phrase.
On the bright side if I marry my boyfriend (no pressure Sean) I’ll be Amanda Kane and Mandy Kane definitely has a ring to it…maybe it does sound like a seedy dancer but a ring to it no less.
But for now…until next time, this has been Amanda Kennedy.
until next time


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