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What your lipstick says about you

An inside look into lipstick colour theory with a trained professional

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By Ben Murray
What your lipstick says about you

COLOUR has an impact on how people treat and react to you. Whether it be the colours of your clothes, the colour of your hair or the colours of your makeup the colours you choose have an effect.

Doctor Monika Wassermann and psychologist and sex and relationships advisor Ieva Kubiliute, from Olio Lusso, have explained the psychology of lipstick colour for Be readers, so you can tailor your colours to match the impact you’d like to have.

Crimson: sassy, bold and confident

Red is associated with love, passion and excitement. Crimson, a warmer red, represents determination and success whilst also emitting an air of sensuality.

When to wear: bold red lips are perfect for cocktail nights out with the girls.

Nude: classic and sophisticated

Nude shades are associated with warmth and emit a practical and comforting aura.

When to wear: nude shades give off an air of authority making them perfect for work.

Brown: composed and dependable

Browns are strong colours which are associated with reliability and strength like the earth we live on.

When to wear: brown shades are perfect as an everyday lipstick if you have darker skin.

Brick red: strong and courageous

Brick red can be found amongst the dark red subspectrum. Like all the red shades it screams vibrancy, energy and vitality.

When to wear: this sutler shade of red is perfect for business meetings.

Baby pink: kind, girly and emphatic

Baby pink is associated with love and romance. It’s a soft feminine colour that oozes kindness and compassion.

When to wear: lighter pink shades like baby pink are great for events such as weddings.

Hot pink: bubbly and playful

In colour psychology pink is a sign of hope. It inspires positive thoughts and comforting feelings.

When to wear: liven up any party by wearing hot pink lips. This shade is definitely for girls that want to have fun.

Black: alternative and cool

The colour black is symbolic of power, elegance and mystery.

When to wear: let your inner alt girl shine with bold black lips. They pair perfectly with indie or rock concerts.

Peach: friendly and energetic

Peach evokes a sense of joy, warmth and youthfulness.

When to wear: peach is a shade for extroverts. Wear peach for days out with friends.

Burgundy: wealth, power and money

Burgundy emits a feeling of sophistication and symbolises wealth and ambition.

When to wear: let everyone know your worth by wearing burgundy to an expensive restaurant.

Orange: excitement and adventure

The colour orange is an energetic colour related to optimism and rejuvenation.

When to wear: if you find nude shades boring then spice it up with an orange lip. Works perfectly as a bolder colour for days out.

Purple: individualistic and strong

It takes a bold and confident person to wear purple on their lips.

When to wear: purple is a great colour for parting the night away or for creating a cute autumn look.


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