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What scares you?

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By Fiona Reid
What scares you?

A FEAR of heights is the top phobia in Scotland, according to a new study.

Eighteen per cent of people say they don’t like being up high.
Answers varied around the UK and other common fears were spiders, clowns, thunder and lightning, different animals and flying.
Others dread being overweight and dying.
Interestingly, more than half of respondents have no idea why they’re scared, but over a quarter think they must have had some form of traumatic experience when they were a child which has manifested into a phobia during adulthood.
Matthew Wood, managing director of who carried out the research, said: “It’s totally normal and actually very healthy to be afraid of something, and whether it’s considered rational or irrational – it’s personal to you and your life experiences.
“Don’t let anyone pressure you in to facing up to your fears in a bid to get over it, but we’d always recommend trying to overcome your fears at one point or another, purely so it doesn’t have an impact on your enjoyment of life and isn’t passed on to your children.”

(ps- for the record, I don’t like snakes, bats or heights. But my biggest fear is definitely flying!)

* See the July issue of Be in our papers for more on this study and top tips on how to beat your phobias from local experts


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