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What makes the perfect man?

By Fiona Reid
What makes the perfect man?

THE perfect man must be able to cook, love your mum, have a good body and never flirt with your friends.

That’s the recipe for a happy relationship according to women in Dumfries and Galloway.
A study by Two Together Railcard found that ladies locally also value kindness and loyalty in their partner.
Meanwhile, contrary to popular belief, the region’s blokes want the same thing.
For them the perfect woman should also be tolerant and be able to have a laugh with them, while a good body comes 13th on the list of requirements.
And it seems that men are more satisfied with their other halves than women, with a doting 67 per cent claiming she is their soul mate and three quarters saying she understands them like no other.
However, just a third of women believe their man is perfect and their top gripes are snoring, moaning, untidiness and leaving the toilet seat up.
They also complained about laziness and being too tight with money.
On the other side, moaning, snoring, untidiness, bad habits and trustworthiness are the main male criticisms.
For respondents who didn’t have a partner the things they missed most were days out and dinner in nice restaurants, followed by travelling together, going to the cinema and sharing costs.
Andrew Robertson, from Two Together Railcard, said: “It’s not surprising our report has found that relationships have flaws, but our findings demonstrate that despite the gripes we might have with our other halves, sometimes the positives of being together outweigh the negatives.”

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