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What is that?

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By Fiona Reid
Annan and Eskdale
What is that?

AN unidentified flying object estimated to be travelling at over 1000 mph has been spotted in the Annandale skies.

Last weekend Jamie Grant, from Annan, was reviewing footage from a drone flight over Powfoot in May when he noticed something unusual caught on camera.

Even upon closer inspection he could not work out what the items were, but has worked out the speeds they were going at: the first was travelling at 691 mph, but the second was 1007 mph and covered 240 metres in 0.533 seconds.

Jamie said: “In late May I was out testing a new drone over Powfoot Golf Club. The newer drones are very small and if you are qualified (like myself) and have insurance they can be flown over uninvolved people.

“Being so small, the biggest risk is being attacked by birds, so you tend to look out for anything flying nearby.

“On the day I noticed nothing unusual and it was only last Saturday when I was about to delete the old footage and checked so see if I got anything useful that I noticed the first UFO. I managed to slow the speed down and it was only then I noticed the second UFO!”

And he stressed: “When I say UFO I don’t mean alien, but in the true sense of the meaning, unidentified.”

After posting the clips on social media, it was suggested that it must be a golf ball.

However, Jamie points out that no one is near where the objects start.

He added: “The big surprise with object one is how it does not change shape and looks like a small cloud. Object two is flying so fast it’s difficult to get any decent frames but again looks like a cloud.

“I’m open to any suggestions but have never seen anything like this. “When checking the internet objects like this have been seen before, they seem to appear when the drone is filming into the sun which was my situation in the video. I’m open to all suggestions, the speed could be way-off and it may just be an insect.”

He has uploaded the footage to You Tube, where it can be viewed at

Tell us what you think it might be, email [email protected].


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