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What is love?

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By Fiona Reid
What is love?

IN honour of Valentine's Day which is just a week away, I asked some of the region's children to explain, in their own words, exactly what love is and what it means.

Their answers are spot on and explain it far better than I could.

Rebecca Oliver, 5, of Eaglesfield: “Love is when a boy meets lady or a lady meets a boy and they love each other. They will stay together for ever and be best friends.”

Chloe Johnston, 7, lives near Annan. She said: “Love is when two people get married, then they dance and are so happy.”

Max Atkinson, 6, of Waterbeck: “Love is caring and sharing.”

Isla Dempster, 5, of Tundergarth: “Love is when you love someone. If you meet someone that you’re in love with you will get married. It feels like all dizzy and if you meet someone and you feel faint you’re in love. If you’re in love you get married and you kiss.”


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