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What are your favourite local words?

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By Fiona Reid
What are your favourite local words?

DIALECT words peculiar to Dumfriesshire are being sought for inclusion in a new translation tool.

The team behind the Local Dialect Translator have already added ‘vennel’ to their list, with a meaning of snicket, but now they want to hear more local words.

Travel specialists Stay in Devon are encouraging Scots to debate their most commonly used words against those from elsewhere in Britain. The company hopes to bring out people’s hometown loyalties by encouraging them to openly agree or disagree with its own definitions.

Twenty Scottish words have been included in the translator, they are:

Softie – bread roll

Vennel – snicket

Cup of strupack – cup of tea

Pieces – sandwich

Barrie – excellent

Cludgie – toilet

Skelf – splinter

Breeks – trousers

Galoot – idiot

Dowie – upset

Spokeswoman Jo Price said: “We know that dialects can vary so much in just short distances – even on opposite sides of the same town. So we’ve created a starting point to encourage people to talk about the words they themselves use. “It’s almost certain that not everyone from those areas will use or even agree with the words we’ve listed in there, but that’s what we want them to let us know about. “People often regard regional sayings as completely normal but, for anyone looking to travel to a different part of the country, they’re a little window into life in that area.”

To take a look at thetranslator, visit

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