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What a waste!

By Fiona Reid
What a waste!

EVERY person in Dumfries and Galloway generates just over half a ton of waste a year.

And half of that goes into landfill, according to new figures from SEPA, which also show that just 0.15 tonnes of each person’s waste is recycled.

It means that everyone’s personal carbon impact locally is 1.53 TCO2e.

Meanwhile, waste data for 2018 shows that the region is still one of the worst in Scotland for recycling its rubbish, with just 27 per cent of all waste ending up recycled.

This compares to the Scottish average of 44 per cent and puts the area in the bottom five.

Over 79,000 tones of waste was generated in Dumfries and Galloway last year, say SEPA.

Of that, 35,064 (or 44.2 per cent) ended up in the ground, 21,757 tonnes were recycled and 22,505 was dealt with in other ways, such as incineration and composting.

It left the region with an overall carbon impact of 227,001 TCO2e.

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