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Watch out for emotional abuse

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By Fiona Reid
Watch out for emotional abuse

A CAMPAIGN to tackle emotional and psychological abuse has been launched in the region.

The Dumfries and Galloway Domestic Abuse and Violence Against Women Partnership (DAVAWP) want to highlight the issue and get people to recognise the signs.

It is described as “a wide range of acts that emotionally hurt, frighten, and/or limit someone’s ability to fulfil their dreams and live their life the way they want to.”
The partnership are concerned that it is a form of domestic abuse that is very difficult for those affected to realise it is happening to them, as well as for their family and friends and the rest of the community to identify.
DAVAWP interim chairman Daniel McKeever warned the long term impact of emotional abuse may be worse than physical assault.
He said: “This form of abuse can be very subtle sometimes but even then it can damage people who experience it.
“We hope that this campaign will help people identify abusive behaviour in their relationships sooner and will encourage them to seek help from local or national organisations; this way, more people will be protected and great suffering will be avoided.”
The campaign will include posters, leaflets and the distribution of cards with helpline numbers.

If you think you’re suffering emotional abuse, support is available at the following places:
Police (Domestic Abuse Unit) 101 In an emergency phone 999
Dumfriesshire & Stewartry Women’s Aid
01387 263 052 or 07710 152 772 (24hrs)
Wigtownshire Women’s Aid
01776 703 104 (24hrs)
South West Rape Crisis & Sexual Abuse Centre
01387 253 113 or 01776 889 331 (9am to 9pm)
National Domestic Abuse Helpline
0800 027 1234 (24hrs)

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