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Warning after drink spike blood bath

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By Ben Murray
Warning after drink spike blood bath

A DALBEATTIE man wants to spread awareness after he nearly died when his drink was spiked in Dumfries.

Mark Whalen, 30, began vomiting blood after a day out in the pub turned into a nightmare.

He was admitted to hospital late on February 26, with doctors confirming the spiking and unsure if he would even survive.

Recalling the events that led up to it, Mark said: “I went out to the pub with a friend of mine to watch the Celtic v Rangers game on Sunday February 26 in Dumfries.

“I was only going out for a few drinks, since I knew I would be working all day on Monday.

“After we went to the pub, we got the 6.30 pm bus back to Dalbeattie. A woman on the bus had to keep me from falling off my seat during the journey.

“My friend and I got off up the street in Dalbeattie, and we both went for another drink. He got a beer, but I wasn’t feeling right so I only got a cola. I only had two sips of it before I said I’m away home.

“I got back home just before 8 pm and I went straight to bed without even taking off my jacket. I woke up just before 11 pm feeling sick, so I went to the bathroom and started to cough up blood.”

He has shocking images and videos of his bathroom, with splatters of blood covering the entire room, which he has been sharing on his social media.

Mark continued: “My dad called 999 for a ambulance to come get me, and I got from Dalbeattie to Dumfries hospital in just under four minutes.

“When I arrived at the hospital they took more blood from me, and I was taken to an intensive care unit where I got cannulas in both of my hands and further up my arms.

“I had all those sticky blue cables all over my body. They gave me sick bowls to vomit in, and I filled two of them completely with blood.

“It was so bad that my family got called in because they didn’t think I’d make it.

“They had to resuscitate me twice when I was there, and it got so bad that I even asked if I was going to die to the staff at the hospital.

“I lost over a litre and half of blood and I went through 15 bags of fluid because of what happened.”

Now home and recovering, Mark is set to re-visit the hospital for more tests so doctors can determine the state of his stomach.

Meanwhile, he is sharing his story to alert others and said: “I just want all of Dumfries and Galloway to find out to keep people safe.

“I would remind people to watch their drinks please when out.”


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