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Walkies warning after pup’s loch fright

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By Christie Breen
Walkies warning after pup’s loch fright

A MOFFAT dog owner is warning others to be vigilant near water after her puppy bit off more than she could chew.

Linda Breakes was walking her four-month-old border collie Meg off the lead at St Mary’s Loch two weeks ago where Meg found a little red ball and began playing with it.

Soon after Meg swallowed the ball and Linda had to rush her to the vets in Lockerbie.

After an x-ray the vets found Meg had actually swallowed not just the ball, but some fishing twine and two hooks.

FOUND . . . In the stomach of a four-month old puppy after three hours of surgical procedures

Linda was very upset after hearing the news and said: “Swallowing a hook is dangerous for any animal but two is extremely worrying. The vets had no choice but to sedate her and use a scope with little clamps/tweezers to try and pull the stuff back up the throat. So I had to leave her there, go home, and about an hour later they phoned to say they couldn’t manage it and that in the morning they would have to open up the stomach and retrieve everything that way.

“The whole experience has been very upsetting because Meg is just a little puppy and when you think about what could’ve happened if I hadn’t seen her swallow the ball, it could have been fatal.”

Following the incident Linda’s brother-in-law Graham contacted the loch keeper of St Mary’s Angling Club who were very sympathetic towards the story.

In response, a club official said: “I am very sorry to hear of this incident. I can imagine it has been very distressing.

“I will ask our club blogger to reiterate that all mess should be cleared up by all anglers. This information is shown under our rules and etiquette on our web page and information is given on our permits. “Our bailiffs endeavour to reinforce these rules, however, some visiting anglers do not adhere to these rules either through ignorance or education and give good, decent anglers a bad name.

“Once again, I am very sorry to hear about this incident and I wish the pooch a speedy recovery.”

Since her surgery Meg has been taking it easy at home and has been kept on the lead during walks. Linda says she will think twice before walking Meg and her other dogs near water, adding: “If I’m walking them by water from now on I’ll be keeping the dogs on the lead and I’d encourage other people to do the same.

“I’d hate for somebody else to experience what we have just because a small group of people won’t pick up after themselves.

“Everyone should keep an eye on what their dog is picking up on their walks because it could happen to anyone.”

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16th Feb

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