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Volunteer SOS to keep gala going

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By Fiona Reid
Volunteer SOS to keep gala going

A MEMBERS slump has left Lockerbie Gala calling for new volunteers after just six people turned out for the AGM this week.

Falling members saw the meeting cut short on Tuesday night. And a call has gone out for more volunteers to fill vital positions, including fundraising leader, parade convenor and turn-up organiser.

Long standing Riding of the Marches convener Bud Little said: “If people are not willing to come onboard then Lockerbie Gala just will not be able to run as it has done, events will need to be cut, it’s as simple as that.

“We’ve a dedicated, but very small committee, who as it stands are having to give up their entire gala day and take a week’s holiday off work in advance of the gala to get everything done. It’s not right that some people are giving so much.

“Lockerbie Gala is enjoyed by so many but so few are willing to help.” And gala chairman Ian McLatchie said:

“Half of the committee here tonight are from one family, that’s great and well done to them, but it takes more than one family to pull off an event like Lockerbie Gala.

“If folks want to see the Gala and all the events that come with it continue in full then they need to offer their time.”

Meanwhile it was also suggested that senior secondary or university students could volunteer in a ‘win win’ scenario which would help bolster their CVs.

Member Eilidh Farish, 22, said: “Someone interested in marketing or events management would really benefit from organising the turnup or helping with fundraising events.

“There’s an opportunity there for them to be givenabudget to pull off an event, how often would they get an opportunity like that?”

■ Anyone interested in joining the committee or volunteering is asked to e-mail secretary Amanda Kennedy at [email protected] or by contacting the group’s Facebook page — Lockerbie Gala. Those interested can also speak to chairman Ian McLatchie at the Black Bull, Lockerbie.


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