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Virtual appointments now on offer

By Newsdesk
Virtual appointments now on offer

A WEB-based NHS appointment system is being rolled out locally in response to coronavirus.

Promoting it, Dumfries and Galloway’s medical director Dr Kenneth Donaldson explained ‘NHS Near Me’ offers people the opportunity to use a laptop, tablet and even mobile phones to speak and see a clincian directly – cutting down on unnecessary travel, expense and inconvenience.

Recognising its value amid coronavirus, Dr Donaldson said: “NHS Near Me is a fantastic system, and it makes perfect sense to accelerate its roll-out in response to COVID-19. NHS Near Me is a secure and reliable system which uses web-based technology to provide an easy, convenient and safe alternative to in-patient appointments.

“At a scheduled time, someone can log in from a location of their choosing and speak face-to-face with a clinician.

“We’ve been using NHS Near Me in specific areas for a little while now, and it has proven extremely robust and useful – helping to remove the need for unnecessary travel, assisting people to manage long-term conditions and being used to address loneliness and social isolation.”

He acknowledged that the system is not appropriate for all appointments or every person. Dr Donaldson added: “And at a time when we’re working to prevent the spread of coronavirus, we believe it will serve a very important role.”

To use the system, a patient will be sent a link and, when clicked at the scheduled time, they will find themselves face-to-face with their clinician. For more information about NHS Near Me, visit the website

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