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Vile find on the A75

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By Fiona Reid
Vile find on the A75

A CAMPAIGNER has spoken of her disgust after a number of milk cartons filled with what appears to be urine were dumped in a lay-by near Annan.

The vile discovery on the A75 has promoted Minette Bell MacDonald, from Lochmaben, to again make a plea for others to take home their rubbish and not to leave bottles filled with urine at lay-bys.

She said: “It’s disgusting and vile. The cartons have been left there for a number of weeks now. I hate to imagine what people driving past must be thinking of the area, especially tourists.”

Earlier this year, Minette pleaded for a change after finding 500 plastic bottles filled with urine and growing amounts of litter on road verges across the region.

The landscape artist called for a nationwide campaign to cancel out the issue which is “becoming a huge national environmental emergency”.

She added: “There’s already an invisible army of volunteers who are picking up litter every week but enough is enough!
“In the past there’s been an insane amount of litter, bottles of urine and even faeces found near Lockerbie cemetery and the disaster memorial.”


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