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Vandals rubbish beer garden

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A LOCKERBIE business owner has told of “disgraceful” behaviour after vandals threw a road sign and a sandbag in his beer garden.

Ian McLatchie, owner of the Black Bull pub in the heart of the town, this week told members of the community council about two incidents.

The first occurred three weeks ago when a road sign was thrown over into the beer garden. The second was two weeks later when a sandbag was chucked over. Mr McLatchie reported both incidents to the police and believes the items were taken from the town hall building repair work site and thrown over the bridge into the beer garden.

He said: “If anyone had been in out in the beer garden and hit them, it would’ve seriously injured or killed them. “It’s disgraceful behaviour and something needs to be done. It’s very concerning as somebody could be hurt.”

Police officer John Cowan told Mr McLatchie he would look at nearby CCTV footage and follow up on the incident further.

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