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Update on unpaid contributions

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By Fiona Reid
Update on unpaid contributions

RESIDENTS in Moffat are calling for Dumfries and Galloway Council to do more in pursuing the Old Academy developer.

There are concerns that developer contributions from when the school was turned into housing are still unpaid.

At the recent Moffat and District Community Council meeting, treasurer David Booth asked Annandale North Councillor Stephen Thompson for an update on the council’s dispute with the property developer behind the flats.

Mr Booth said: “The guy who built the flats is long gone and disappeared some place, the council legal department must pursue this individual. Surely the guy must have signed a legal agreement, otherwise there’s no way of getting the funding.”

The community council say they were promised £42,000 in community benefit which was to be spent on public spaces within the town.

In response to the community concerns, Annandale North Councillor, Stephen Thompson said: “As far as I’m aware legal services are still pursuing the original developer to try and extract some funds for the community.

“I’ve always maintained that with these kind of developments the community should benefit from the development firstly.”

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