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Underground streams – answers plea

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By Euan Maxwell
Annan and Eskdale
Underground streams - answers plea
IN CONSTRUCTION . . . the site of the Newington Park flood scheme, which when completed next year will reduce the risk of sewer flooding on Charles Street

FED up Annan residents have called for clarity about whether two underground streams will be worked on after last week’s floods.

Some properties at Charles Street endured another flooding nightmare last Thursday.

Susan Thomas says they’ve been flooded at least ten times” over the past 25 years.

A devastated Susan said: “It’s happened many many times. It has been worse all round for the area but this is just the latest one for us.

“It makes me physically sick and I’ve had a headache since last Thursday. It’s terrifying and my anxiety levels are off the chart.

“The water was millimetres from coming into the house. Our front and back gardens were flooded.

“It’s devastating but we’re left to get on with it. I have two sheds covered in mud, the smell is horrible and the bottom of our garden fences are gone due to the pressure of the water.”

Susan wasn’t home when the flooding started last week but after receiving a phone call from her husband Neil – who only has one leg after it had to be amputated – she quickly got back to the house.

She added: “Neil phoned me to say the water had come into the garden. By the time I got back the water was already in the back garden and I had to walk out to the shed. Neil couldn’t have done it.

“Last week we just put the pumps in the shed, we thought we were safe. It’s a massive shock.”

Since June, Scottish Water has been working on a new flood defence system at the nearby Newington Park to reduce the risk of flooding locally.

Until the end of next summer, the area will be fenced off whilst workers install an underground storm water tank and upgrade sections of the local sewer network.

But Susan and her concerned neighbours want more clarity on whether Scottish Water will deal with two underground streams.

She said: “I asked someone from Scottish Water if anything was going to be done about the streams but I was told they weren’t Scottish Water’s area.

“So they are going to spend £5 million putting in flood defences in the park but the two underground streams are not going to be dealt with.

“They just rise when there’s any flooding and the water comes out under the house. I had water pouring out my vents for hours after the flood.

“All of that is going under our houses, what is that doing to the foundations? If they are only dealing with surface water then where does that leave us?

“I want a resolution. I want my home to stop flooding. I want to be able to sleep at night without any worries when there’s rain.

“I’m frightened to go away for a weekend in case it floods. It has had such a negative impact on our lives.”

Scottish Water was contacted for comment.