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Ultimatum to council over pedestrian safety review

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By Fiona Reid
Annan and Eskdale
Ultimatum to council over pedestrian safety review

AN ULTIMATUM has been issued to the council — demanding a resolution to a road row in Annan.

Nearly a year has passed since the local authority pledged to consult with residents over controversial pedestrian safety measures installed at Elm Road last autumn.
Annandale South councillor Richard Brodie said: “I have written to council officials to impress on them that the delay in doing anything about the failed traffic calming is now totally indefensible.
“It is a year since we had a public meeting at Back of the Hill where residents told the roads department in no uncertain terms that the measures carried out were unacceptable.
“They promised to go away and come back with new plans which would be consulted upon and either approved or rejected by the local people.
“Now 12 months on and nothing has happened.”
Councillor Brodie says the three pedestrian refuges built into the roadway are ‘still more of a danger than a safety feature’.
He says people with buggies and prams still have to go out into the middle of the roads because of islands’ design.
And he said: “I have now given the council an ultimatum —carry out the promised public consultation by the end of November or abandon any further scheme. Remove the build-outs and make the area safe again.”
He added: “Officials claim they are doing their best within their resources.
“If so, they can take this workstream out of their duties and concentrate on worthwhile schemes.”
Back of the Hill resident Theresa Woodman has long campaigned against the changes to Elm Road.
Mrs Woodman said: “I totally agree with Councillor Brodie.
“Despite repeated requests for further Consultation, the residents have received no communications regarding the outcome of the calmers.
“In fact, it hasn’t really calmed the traffic as I witness daily cars speeding on the Elms as they assume right of way, and pedestrians are unsure which side of the road to walk on, so you have them walking on both sides.”
She added: “I would be interested to hear the reasons as to why there has been no further public consultation in the whole year that they have been in place.”

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