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Ukraine war demo held in Dumfries

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By Amy Duffy
Ukraine war demo held in Dumfries
A DEMONSTRATION against the war in Ukraine took place on Saturday afternoon in Dumfries town centre.
Lucy Woods organised the event and was overwhelmed with the estimated 150 people who attended, as they managed to raise a huge £653 for those in need.
Lucy decided to organise the rally after hearing about Naeem Hijazi, who is trying to get to his family here.
She said: “It’s easy to feel powerless and overwhelmed, even in a really small town, but there’s always something that we can do, even if we think it doesn’t make a huge difference, every bit of help matters.”
With experience of organising events such as pride marches, Lucy made quick work of organising the rally and made use of her contacts through her volunteering.
Massive Outpouring of Love, a charity founded in D&G initially as a way to humanise the refugee crisis, aided in organising the event and will use the money raised to help with transportation costs of getting donations to the Poland/Ukraine border.
Any leftover donations will go towards supplies for people who are seeking safety from the conflict.


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